How to bypass OTP verification of any website/ app

Hey friends! You are welcome to my website. I am here with a new article that is about How to bypass OTP verification of any website/ app. Friends this one of the most important topic for each and every android user. First of all friends I will let you know about OTP. Like What is OTP? How they are generated and distributed? What is the purpose of OTP? etc. Friends Do you know about OTP? Have you ever seen any app asking for your mobile number and then a code is send to you on that number. Then the app asks for that code and you have to type that code over there. Friends, that same code is called OTP or we can say One Time Password.

As you can understand by its name only “One Time Password” that means the password which can be used only once. It is used for just checking that whether the number that you have entered does actually belongs to you or not. In other words, OTP or One Time Password is a password that is given to any digital device like computer, laptop, mobile phones etc that is valid only one login or transaction. Now the question is How OTPs are generated and distributed? Friends, the procedure of generating and delivering OTP is not so easy as the OTP is on its own. The generating procedure can be exist in two ways:

1: Time-synchronized: This type of OTP generally related to a piece of hardware which usually called security token.

2: Mathematical algorithms: In these type OTP, a random number is chosen by the authentication server.

Now the delivery procedure. Friends here I will describe you the delivery procedure of OTP. That  how OTPs are delivered to a digital device or indirectly we can say, to us? There are several methods of sending OTP to a digital device.

1: Text Messaging:

2: Mobile Phones

3: Proprietary tokens

4: Web-based methods

5: Hardcopy

Friends these are the methods through which OTP is being send to us or our digital device. Now we will discuss about the purpose. The only purpose of OTP is Security and Privacy. It is to protect our number from using it by others for their own use. For example If OTP would not exist then anyone could use any one’s mobile number to register on any app or website. The second purpose of OTP is for Website owners like we have entered a website and we want to register on it or in any app. Then they can verify us by sending the OTP to the mobile number that we have provided there. So  in this way we can say OTP is very important to us and every android users security purpose wise.

How to Bypass OTP Verification of Any Website/ App

Now the main topic is bypass OTP verification of any website/ app. Friends, many of websites and apps asks you for OTP code that they have send you on the number that you have provided to them. In this case you can not register in the same website or app with the same number. And let’s suppose you need to register there again again on that particular website. But it is not possible for anyone to register on same website or app with same number again. And some time we need very urgently to do the same. So let me explain something about this first. That What is bypass OTP verification of any website/ app? Bypass of OTP verification refers to the way or trick to bypass the phone number without using your actual mobile number.

In simple words we can say you need not to register on any app or website with your actual number. And in this way you can register in same website or app for a number of times. So lets move on to the main trick to bypass OTP verification of any website/ app.

Some, online number providing websites

Here are some of working online mobile number providing number websites. With these you can easily bypass OTP verification of any website/ app.

Before moving toward the description of the steps there is an important note to the readers. Please read it carefully!

NOTE: This trick is only for educational purpose and to learn more about technology. This is not to encourage any criminal activity.

Steps to bypass OTP verification of any website/ app

Now the steps. To bypass OTP verification I will provide you some some steps. By following these steps you can bypass OTP verification of any website/ app.

  1. Firstly open any of mentioned above websites in your device. And you will see a series of numbers over there.
  2. After that you have to select the number according to your country. Like if you are living in India then choose an Indian number.
  3. Then note that number and enter it on that website or application where you want to bypass OTP verification.
  4. Then the website will ask you for the OTP that would send to the number that you have entered. You just have to click the number that you have entered in the website to see the OTP.
  5. Now copy that OTP from there and paste to the website which was asking for that OTP.
  6. And with this you will be successfully bypassed OTP verification of any website/ app.

With this we came to the end of this article. And now some final words to the readers.

Final words

Finally after completion of the article. Firstly I want to thank you all that you have given your precious time to read my today’s article. I hope you like this article. If you face any problem while performing steps. Then you can ask me in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem soon. And its a humble request to you all that please share this article. Share this article with your friends and family member. Also share it on your social networking sites. Keep visiting here to get more updates. And I will be here again with new article soon. Bye Bye.

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