How to change boot animation in android

Hey friends. Welcome back here, to my website LearnHax. Here I will make you learn about new and important tricks. That will make your daily works of mobile easy and interesting. So I bring you one more interesting article about Boot Animation. Yes the Boot animation. That we all see whenever we switch off our mobile or restart it. Yes friends, today I will share a trick to change Boot Animation in android. There are very few people who knew the trick to change it. Mostly people even don’t think about it. That means its we people even do not think to change it. Because we do not have idea that users can change it. Most of the people think that it is set up to default and we can not change it. But this is not true. We can change it easily with few steps.

How to change boot animation in android device

First of all I will describe something about Boot animation. That What the boot animation actually is? Friends, Boot animation is that animation which you usually see when your device starts up.

There could be many reasons behind changing your Boot animation. Because it is a unique task to do so you can show off before your colleagues that you have done a unique task. And it will also look cool before your friends. Because you can add any of animated Boot animation of your choice. Like if you are a religious person then you can add some animated Boot animation which includes pictures of gods. So that they could see their god whenever their device gets open after switching off or restart. And if you love sports then you can add boot animation related to sports or a particular sport of your choice. You can also use nature’s animated Gif or anything according to your choice.

As you have seen your boot animation in your android device many times, Somewhere it will related to your device’s brand or company’s name. Some of the users got bored by seen that same animation in their device. In fact we can say all of us also have the same condition. We all are get bored by seeing our default Boot animation. So we need something new, something interesting to do with this. So to solve this problem for you, we bring you a solution or a trick to to change boot animation in android. We have describe steps below to change boot animation.

Need to change boot animation in android device

Before all just remember this friends! You have to root your device first to change boot animation in android device. If you are unaware about rooting then let me explain you rooting first. Friends Rooting is gaining the root access of your device. Means taking or gaining the super controls rights of your device. You can increase RAM (Random Access Memory) of your device, customise ROM (Read Only Memory), Upgrade your device’s version, Increase speed and performance of your device and much more after rooting your device. Rooting gives you permission or ability to do much more interesting with your devices.

But friends remember one thing as every coin has two faces, Rooting also has some disadvantages too. Your little mistake while rooting your device can make your device of no use for ever. Rooting also voids your phone’s warranty. So friends I will suggest you to get full and proper knowledge about rooting before rooting your device.

For more information about rooting and to get the trick to root your device you can read this article. Read “How to Root your android device”.

Note: I will not responsible for any damage to your device that will happen due to mistakes while rooting or perform any trick. So try it carefully. And try it on your own risk.

Requirements to Change Boot Animation in Android Device

Now we will discuss about the requirements to change boot animation in android device. That are must required to change boot animation in android device. Remember that you can not proceed without these below given requirements.

1: Rooted Android device.

You will need a rooted android device. Because while changing boot animation of your device, it will ask you for root access. So you need to root your device first to proceed. You can read article about Rooting by just clicking on given link to get more information about rooting.

Root Your Device Just Clicking Here

How To Root Android

2: Backup of your default Boot animation.

You to make a backup of your default Boot animation. So that in case of any error or problem you can restore your default boot animation. Otherwise you will not able to get that default boot animation of yours again ever.


Steps to Change Boot Animation in Android Device

Now we came to steps description to change boot animation in android device. You just have to follow these steps. Follow these steps and it will help you to change boot animation in android device. And in this way you will be able to take advantages of trick to change boot animation in android device.


Steps 01: Download Boot Animation App

First of all you have to download Boot animation app. I am providing you the downloading link of the app. Because there are many websites which will provide you the fake downloading link. So Just click here to download the Boot animation app.

Download Boot Animation


Steps 02: Check Device Resolution

How can you Check your Device Resolution? Here we guide you to check device resolution by following these simple steps.

  1. You need to find the resolution of your device.
  2. Just click Here and Search your Device.Here, You find full specification of your device.
  3. If you have your device’s resolution. Then search the boot animation app for the same resolution boot animation for your device.
  4. If you have successfully found the suitable boot animation then just simply download it.

Steps 03: Install Boot Animation

After check your device resoliution

  1. Now install it in your device.
  2. Now open it and it will ask you for the root access. Then you have to tap grant or allow option on your screen.
  3. And you have successfully done now. Now just check the current boot animation of your device by restarting it to check the results.

Final Words

Here we came to the final words. At last I want to thank you all that you have visited my site. Keep visiting here for more interesting articles and tricks. With this share this article with your family and colleagues. And also on your social networking sites. With this Bye Bye and have a nice day.

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