use someone’s Whatsapp in your android

Hello friends you are welcome to my website. Today we are going to discuss about a very important topic in which I will provide you the trick to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android. So lets begin the topic that is How to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android.

Friends We all are using WhatsApp nowadays. It is one of the most important app among android users. Most of all people are using WhatsApp nowadays. It connects people from here to there by using an internet connection both sides. That means you need a working internet connection to send or receive messages. You can send text messages, audio messages or audio clips, videos and any type of file through WhatsApp. With this, You can also do voice calling and video calling with your colleagues. Whatsapp it just an amazing app. That is liked, preferred and used by people of all age group. People of any age group like of young generations or the elder ones. Everyone is using WhatsApp nowadays.

Not only features like voice calling, video calling, text messaging or any type of file sharing, there are more features and options are included in WhatsApp. Such as you can change your profile picture. You can set your desired status also. And with this you can also set your name according to your choice. To make a WhatsApp account first of all you need a working internet connection. And you should also have the number with which you want to make the account.

And because of its popularity that it is used by many peoples you can spy on some one’s activity through it. What will happen if you get the chance to use some one’s WhatsApp account in your android phone? Definitely you will be able to spy on that particular person. You will be able to spy on his or her activity and much more. So today, I bring you an amazing trick that describes how to use some one’s WhatsApp in your android.

How To Use Someone’s WhatsApp in your Android

Many times we need to spy on someone. For example if a boyfriend wants to spy on his girlfriend’s activity or if a girl want to spy on her boyfriend’s activity on WhatsApp, then they can by just get entering in their WhatsApp account. If parents want to know that what is going on their child’s life then they can by hacking their child’s account. Because friends are very important part of today’s generation life. Youngsters, specially teenagers use to share their matters with their friends in Whatsapp instead of their parents. So it is the best way to know something about their child’s life. Therefore, today I am going to share a trick that will help you to use some one’s WhatsApp account in your android device.

How to make an account in WhatsApp

There is one more important topic which comes out when we are talking about the trick that will let us know how to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android. And the topic is how to make an account in WhatsApp. This is an important topic because one must know the way to make an account in WhatsApp. Because many users who never used WhatsApp or have not an account in whatsapp and willing to make an account can seek help here. This is an additional help to such users.

Steps to make an account in WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp

  1. Open Play Store in your android mobile.
  2. Write Whatsapp in the search bar. And search for Whatsapp messenger.
  3. You will see an app named Whatsapp Messenger over the screen.
  4. You have to install it in your device. And you can download it from here > Whatsapp
  5. After successfully installing it in your device, Open it.
  6. Fill out the required details there. Like phone number that should be currently running on your phone, Name, Status, Profile picture etc.
  7. And within few minutes you will be in your own WhatsApp account.

Requirements to use someone WhatsApp in your account

There are some basic requirements which you will need to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android phone. Without these given below requirements you can not proceed. So read carefully the below-given requirements to proceed towards the steps to use someone’s WhatsApp in your android.

Steps for How to Use someone’s WhatsApp in your android.


  1. Firstly download whatscan for WhatsApp web from here.
  2. Now open it, and it will ask for select language then choose your language.
  3. Then it will also ask for security lock, So if you want to lock this app, then lock it.
  4. Now it will show a Barcode.
  5. After that, You have to access your friend’s mobile for 1 minute.
  6. In your friend’s mobile, you have to open WhatsApp web.
  7. Now it will open the camera.
  8. Now scan the Whatscan Barcode in friend’s phone.
  9. That’s it. Now you can use their WhatsApp in your phone.

In this way you can hack or use some one’s WhatsApp in your android. And you can spy on someone’s activity. But friend this trick is only for educational purpose. This is not to harm someone. This is not for any crime.

Note: Shared trick is only for educational purpose. This is not to encourage any crime. Using this trick for any crime is illegal. And every illegal activity is punishable and criminal will be strictly punished by government.

Final Words

With this here we to an end of this article. At last I just want to say thank you all for visiting my site. I will be thankful to all of you if you will visit here again. I will post another article soon with a new trick on a new topic. Remember again all of my tricks are only for educational purpose. These are not for any criminal activity. I hope you like this article and it will be helpful to you. Please share this article with your friends and family and in your social networking site. If you have any doubts or suggestions for the article then you can comment it in the comment section below. With this I stop my words here. Bye Bye.

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